Comic-con is coming up fast!

So I’ll be at Emerald City Comic-con again this year, yay! I received my badge for Saturday in the mail, I’m so happy! I’m volunteering for the 501st booth as my ISO gal Sunday too (maybe a good group shot photo of all us Pacific Northwest gals at the con). Double yay! I’m currently working on a steampunk costume for my friend Taylor’s wedding the weekend AFTER Comic-con (NORWESCON! WHERE GEORGE R. R. FREAKIN MARTIN WILL BE! SOOOO EXCITED! AHHHH), so I’m going to finish the costume for ECCC, so that I can wear it and test it out. Special note here: You should ALWAYS do a test-run by actually putting on the entire outfit when dealing with a special-costume for a special day… it saves a lot of heartaches later. My project progress will be posted soon hopefully! I’m making a bustle-style skirt for this, using gold and blue, should be interesting! I’ll post photos and which pattern I’m using and ALL the things. Happy March! (Woah, this year is almost 1/4 over! Crazy!!!)

Personal update

Its almost two months since my last health update! I saw the doctor today (Well, a nurse practitioner, my doctor decided to leave and go somewhere else. Ho-hum.)

More good news though! I’ve continued to lose weight, from the original weigh-in with the nutritionist, I was 212 (eesh that number still makes me feel gross…) now I’m at 204 lbs.! I haven’t been exercising as much as I wanted to, but I continue to cut down on junk, I keep eating rice and vegetables and other foods that are better for me. I do feel better.

Physical therapy is going so-so. The exercises they have given me to work my shoulder haven’t done much, but I’ve gotten a machine that sends electric volts through my shoulder and it seems to help. I woke up without my right arm being numb for no reason for the first time in a long time! WEEEE! Lets hope that it continues to work.

Health aside, I’m also working more hours, investing more money in the costume shop, AND I got a kitty!!!! His name is Jasper, and he is jet black with bright yellow eyes. I will post a photo once I get a good shot of him, its so dark in my house the pictures are always blurry.

Can’t wait to get trucking on that Padme dress, I’m expecting fabric soon, and then the real work begins! I will be sketching out the costume and creating pattern pieces soon enough. YAY!!!!!!! The first post I did for it is so long, I think I’m going to make separate posts for the wig and the corset, as well as the physical aspects, embroidery, construction, etc. We shall see! Can’t wait to show you all!

End of the month update!

#1 update for today, I’ve started working out again. I’m a veteran, and I finally got my health benefits worked out, and my new doctor informed me that yes, of course, I’ve gained a lot of weight, and yes, of course, my cholesterol is too high. My sister wanted to start working out too anyways (She works at a gym and she gets to take guests to work out with her! YAY!) so today we started off slow and did 10 minutes on the elliptical and 15 minutes on the treadmill (very fast walking for most of it) And that winded me pretty badly. So we know that this is long overdue. For someone who used to run/walk at least 20 miles a week among other exercising, today was a travesty. We sat in the sauna for a bit and did some weight lifting with legs and called it quits with some stretches. I doubt I’m going to hurt in the morning, but I might. I’m not used to it anymore. I have a really fun Star Wars dancing game for the Xbox Kinect, so I think I’m going to do that again too. Gym twice a week with sister, dance aerobics and zumba Kinect for other days. Lets get me back down to 180 lbs! YEAH!

Positives: First nutritionist appointment I weighed 212 lbs. Over a month all I changed was diet, I added a substantial amount of vegetables and cut down on the eating out at Red Robin. Also cut down on red meat a great deal, so even when we DO go to Red Robin, its chicken instead of Burger. When I stepped on the scale for the nutritionist after a month, I wasn’t hopeful and I felt gross that day, but I had lost 2 lbs. So YAY! That’s WITHOUT working out. This month I’m going to continue the better diet and add in the gym time, and hopefully it will all come together. I want to be 180 lbs. by Comic-con. (March 2015, about 5 months. I totally believe this is doable. I want to be back down to a comfortable size 10 jeans if nothing else!)

Now the costume updates:

So what are Lekku you ask? They are a twi’leks head-tails! What’s a Twi’lek? DO I HAVE TO EXPLAIN EVERYTHING? Ok ok, here, PICTURE time!
Lekku pointed outThe head tails that the arrows are pointing at are known as the lekku. AND I HAVE SOME NOW! YAYAYYYYAYAYAYAYAYAYWEOVINERIONEFVEIVMEWJVE :: wargarble goes on:: Thanks to I have these beautiful green “Daesha” style headtails:

I’m so excited right now. The first quest is to find body-paint that will match them. The lekku are green but with an olive tinge, so more on the yellow side. I’m going to see if I can work with Mehron paradise paints and get them to work. The lime is too bright but the light green isn’t yellow enough. We’ll see! I’m going to practice blocking out my eyebrows with synwax, and shading/contouring my face once I have the base-color figured out. I don’t want to be a flat green! I’m going to look into alcohol based paints too.

After that, I will be making the helmet liner. Then on to making a helmet! My good friend Joey is going to help me fabricate one specifically for a Twi’lek.

I’m still on the search for a good set of Jackboots. I’ve found a couple sites with boots my size (men’s size 6/6.5) but I haven’t decided on one yet. I have the fabric for the coveralls and strapping already. So yeah, PSYCHED!

I’m daytripping to Emerald City Comic-con this go-around (price went up again… ugh). I may be going as the Greek Goddess of Chaos. But we’ll see. More on that later.