Here goes nothing….

I won’t lie, I’m tired, I don’t have a lot of time to do my own art at the moment, because every minute seems I’m scrambling to try to make ends meet. So I’m attempting to get a grant. I spent most of today writing the description of my art, why I love it, my artist resume, and getting good photos of my tablet-weaving together in an attempt to get it.

Now if I can only have a solid day to sit down with this warped up band and weave it!!!!!!! You have no idea how much I long to turn cards and see the pattern emerge.

So here is to art, and the attempt to earn money making it, in one form or another! It will certainly help things a lot. I don’t hear back until June so I will let you all know if I manage to win anything! :: crosses fingers and toes::

Soooo busy…

Been a crazy busy last couple of months. Weeeee! Have I worked on projects? Oh yes. Have I created costumes? Oh yes. Do I have the energy to write them all down and show you pictures? Nope. Nope nope nope.

I’m going to continue this trend by signing off with that and cuddling my cat while watching the Vampire in Brooklyn. YAY!