Amazing support for a small business, MadeYewLook is a makeup rock star!

I’m like a true pixie. I feel like I can only have one emotion at a time, and right now I’m brimming with happiness and excitement!

The talented artist, MadeYewLook, or has done not one, but TWO makeup videos while wearing costumes we sent to her and given my store Lakewood Costumes a shout-out! AHHHH! I was so amazed that she even asked for our help. She is a popular artist on YouTube, approaching 1 million subscribers, and for someone like her to want to support US is a huge compliment. She also uses a lot of products we sell, so it was a fabulous chance that I couldn’t pass up.

I’ve followed Lex for over a year now. Her videos first came to my attention through Mehron. The store had just had a representative from the company come and go over their makeup in August 2013, showing proper application, various uses, and explaining things/products that I hadn’t even been aware of before. I’m not a trained makeup artist or esthetician, so I learned more in one day from Gene than I had ever learned before. (THANK YOU MEHRON! YOU HAVE FOUND A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!). We have been a retailer for them for a long time, but it was the first time we actually understood a lot of their products, and so we were better able to help customers find what they need.

This experience also helped me to understand makeup tutorials that I had been watching for a long time, and why products I had tried using in the past hadn’t worked. Now that I had an understanding on the differences between oil and water based makeups and the proper way to apply them, now that I knew about pigment levels and other information, I could see the problems that many artists on YouTube were not addressing, and that the popular looks were often being done with makeup that wasn’t going to last or look good for more than a few minutes. Some products artists love to use were never meant to be used that way, and could damage skin! I was amazed and determined to do better.

Lex had her Little Red/Wolf makeup from Halloween 2013 on Mehron’s home page, and I was hooked. Not only was this woman talented, she was using quality products. She was showing different techniques, she was making videos on skin-care, and she was doing it with a positive outlook. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a truly negative word out of her. I watched the other artist’s videos for the Ryan Seacrest Halloween Guru contest , and I had no problem using my vote for her. She deserved every vote she received. Not only that, but if I ever find it difficult to explain to a customer why a certain makeup will work for their costume better than something else, she has given me a visual way to show uncertain folks how a product can be applied, that they can watch again and again at home!

I highly recommend her videos for people who love makeup and body-painting. She is a gem and promotes good stuff. Check out the videos she made for the Monster High costumes we sent! You might end up watching videos for hours, beware!

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