Outlander, the best adaptation of a book!

If the subject of books vs. TV/movies comes up, I’m inevitably one of those people on the book side. At least normally. USUALLY. The way huge chunks of story seem lost, forgotten, or completely changed irks me to no end. I read and I can see everything in my head. A beautiful panoramic movie going on with every word. So obviously when I found out Outlander, one of my favorite book series for over a decade now was going to become a television show, I groaned. As much as I’ve enjoyed Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, there always seemed to be something missing. Something wanting. By most standards, these shows are huge epic undertakings, with budgets never before dreamed of for TV, so I get that they did what they could. How can you compete with my imagination? Especially when the original writers are NOT the main force behind the scripts/castings, so the original visions are lost. I get it.

(Now, warning here… there may be spoilers ahead)

Then there was tonight. There are no words. There are a million words. I don’t know! AHHH! When the announcement that the first episode of STARZ new show Outlander was being released in the US for free, I was so excited I had to drop everything and watch it. I plugged my laptop into my TV and had my other half watch it with me too. And even though he made a couple of jokes like he normally does (calling Jaimie my “Man-Candy” and all that…) he obviously enjoyed it too.

I loved the entire episode. It was beautifully done. It was art. The casting was brilliant!

So I have to say thank you Diana Gabaldon. Thank you for being a major part of this project, because everything you laid out on the page was there for me, and I can see it, feel it. The beauty of the dancing druid-witches, Claire’s vibrant personality… it wouldn’t have been there if someone else had done it. Or at least, it wouldn’t have been as real. Its amazing. And I’m going to go crazy waiting for the next episode!!!

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