If you tickle us, do we not laugh?


You heard right. We are making traditional 1950s clowns over here at Lakewood Costumes. (Because we know, according to the Oatmeal, everything after 1950s is scary…http://theoatmeal.com/pl/minor_differences3/clowns)

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

We start with a basic pajama pattern to get the shape of the pants right. These also have the benefit of having large side pockets and a wide leg.

To alter the pattern, we have shortened the legs, added large cuffs, and we also put big pockets on the front and back. Last step is to add a tiny pocket to the inside waistband.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Because clowns need POCKETS! ALL THE POCKETS! Maybe not rubber chicken sized, but big enough for your hands to fit inside while the fingers are extended. The front pockets are lower than the back ones, and have more detail + big plastic buttons.

To make these heavy-duty, we’ve used trigger fabric in bright, simple primary colors. We are making this particular pair to match a vest that is already made, which has blue as the base, so the pants match accordingly:

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

We don’t have anymore of the red clown fabric, so we are keeping everything basic. We’ve used bias tape to finish the edges, just like the vest.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

The vest didn’t have any pockets on the inside or outside, and its already lined. Solution: Cut the pockets the same size, sew the inside one on first, then overlap the seams when you sew on the outside pockets. The inside pockets don’t need to be perfect, and you can match the thread so that its harder to see. No worries.

Should have these done next week when I go back to work! Weeeee!


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