Dressing Geisrik Geirson

Dressing Geisrik Geirson

Now that I posted about me, I want to talk about my favorite guy! Ryan is my better half, and doesn’t sew, but he is definitely the better cook out of the two of us, and he works leather, chops wood, and does all kinds of other manly things. As well as having an EPIC beard of awesome. I love him so much it makes my heart hurt sometimes.

So naturally, when we decided to become retinue for our friends during their time as Baron/Baroness, I needed to dress him properly! I employed my skills and created a linen shirt and a pair of Pumphosen, or pumpkin-butt pants for him.

First, the pants: These pants were created using images/notes of Swedish style pants from the Viking age. Here is an image of the page that I’ve found on Pinterest, but the actual re-enactment group from Scandinavia has taken down everything so I’m not sure where you can get the full image so that you can translate what it says: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/313844667755458727/. I didn’t use 9 yards as it suggested, but I did make each leg of his pants the full width of a 60 inch wide piece of wool fabric from the Pendleton Wool company. They have the square in the back, and the long strip up the crotch, then the two legs pleated to the waistband/legbands. The waistband and the legs are lined with silk. I finished the bands with whipstitch (the entire length) and they are all drawn shut with silk finger-braided chords. I didn’t fully line the legs because I was afraid that the wool on its own would be too much for him, as the step-up ceremony was a summer thing. To keep the fabric laying flat on the bands I chainstitched wool thread down the length to flatten the seam. I also re-enforced the holes that way.


He wears wool leg-wraps with hook enclosures I sewed on, but since they don’t stay up very well I’m going to get some leg garters for him. (I love the herringbone pattern of this fabric! Fabulous stuff.)

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

His blue shirt is made from cobalt blue linen I bought at http://www.fabric-store.com. I used a shirt that fit him well as an initial pattern to make sure it would be the right size, and the sleeves are a bit loose to allow for the wearing of a white linen undershirt in the future. His shirt has embroidery on it now as well.

When he isn’t wearing my recycled leather/fur hat like the picture above, he is wearing the Naalbound hat I made him, which I’m wearing here:


I’ve also started embellishing a basic red wool shirt for him. I’m going to turn the t-shirt style neckline into a keyhole neckline using blue wool left over from my apron dress. I’m also trimming the shirt with some of the Tablet-woven trim I made, to have it match my apron dress. (He looks so good in red, and I think the blue and yellow looks pretty nice with the red wool!)

Ryans red wool shirt
He also took an awesome class from a local Viking expert, and made himself a pair of blue leather turn-shoes. How amazing is that? I’m still waiting for him to make me a pair though…

Its been a year since we dived into the SCA full-time, but Ryan has been going since he was in high-school. (I don’t know if he realizes how jealous I am that he had that!) He never had a real persona before, but I’m happy that he has decided to make this journey with me.

Meet Geisrik Geirson, the Manly Swede that I’ve given my Norse heart to. 😀


One thought on “Dressing Geisrik Geirson

  1. Jenny Riser June 27, 2014 / 1:58 am

    You two are adorable.

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