Historical Costuming edition: Getting to know Aud

Historical Costuming edition!

Along with all my Cosplaying adventures I enjoy the realm of historical costuming. After I left the Army, I realized that history and anthropology were my #1 loves. I finished my associates degree with the majority of my classes dealing with those two areas specifically. Sadly, I realized that if I wanted to pursue it as a career, I’d have to do a great deal of traveling, so I didn’t continue on to university. Instead, I decided to concentrate on costuming and history on my own, so that I could stay local. (Though future vacations to Europe wouldn’t be refused!!!!) It also lets me get into the specific areas I want, and go at my own pace, without dealing with writing a ton of papers and spending time on things I really don’t care about.

One of the greatest ways to do that is to join groups like the SCA, or the Society for Creative Anachronism. Now, for a great history of the SCA, I recommend heading to their website, or http://www.sca.org, and reading up on it. I’ll let you do that when/if you feel the need. The basics you need to know for context here is that it is an international non-profit historical re-enactment group that concentrates on the medieval period, or roughly about the time between the fall of Rome and the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. (Though some enjoy portraying classical times too, Greek and Roman history is popular in some groups.) Their focus is education, and it is very appealing to me for many reasons.

First reason? You go camping IN COSTUME. I love camping, and its even MORE fun in huge groups in costume, with fighting tourneys and merchants thrown into the mix. Now, not all of the events are camping events, there are lots of single-day events, feasts, etc., but camping is my favorite.

Second reason I love it? FIBER ARTS! WEEEEEE! OMG I LOVE YARN. Yarn is the best. Seriously. A group that loves all the great historical aspects of yarn? Sign me up! Yarn is infinitely useful, and this group appreciates it. Naalbinding, knitting, weaving, its all important for this group, and these are some of my favorite activities.

And of course, there is the costuming. Costumes EVERYWHERE!!!!! For everyone! From your most basic T-tunic, to the most elaborate Tudor and Renaissance Italy costumes! You choose a time period and a culture, find a name, and play that person! Some people go all out, from beds, tents, feast gear (plates and utensils), underwear, winter-wear, and several outfits.

So hello! My name is Fru Auðný Refsdóttir, and I’m a Norse lady from the Mammen period, or 800-900 CE. The costume above is my basic “fancy” costume, and I continuously add to it. Here are a couple of my new editions, some tablet-woven trim in a Kivrim pattern and my yellow underdress with herringbone embroidery work!

Created with Nokia Smart Camyellow underdress

I even bought a Viking era reproduction tent this year, in my favorite colors!

Viking tent

But the thing I’m most excited about is this:


Now that I have my Award of Arms, I have a coat of arms! I’m submitting this for approval, so cross your fingers for me! What could be better than goats and yarn???

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