Cyd dress, Day 3

Cyd dress, Day 3

I’ve snapped a couple needles today attaching the sequin trim. I think I’m going to put the trim on every other piece of the skirt, to save more time and materials (and needles… I jump EVERY.SINGLE.TIME… I have nightmares of needles in the eyes!!!). My goal tomorrow is to complete every piece of skirt and the torso pieces as well, because I have realized I can’t really put the main body of the dress together until I get all those flaps done. At the moment that is 16 pieces I believe. At least I have everything cut out at this point!

I also have glitter EVERYWHERE. EVERYWHERE I tell you. AHHHHH!!! WHAT WAS I THINKING! Oh, but look how sparkly it is! And no beading required! I will just have to sweep and vacuum like crazy when this is all done. I’m using a fabric glue from Joann’s, with Tulip green glitter over it. After two hours of drying, there is minimal glitter shedding.

But there is still SOME… I will probably be finding glitter everywhere for a while. In my ears… my hair…

No one should poop glitter. Sigh.

By the way, if anyone is wondering what the heck this is from, watch this video:

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