So much going on! Quick update for May:

And so starts my busy season! ALL THE COSTUMES! ALL AT ONCE! I’m doing a quick and dirty version of the green flapper dress that Cyd Charise wore in Singing in the Rain. So far I have a green stretch knit, sequin trim and I’ll make the gemstones with puff-glue and glitter rather than hand-sewing on a million beads. I love the dress, and I wish I had months to do it all by hand like some of the fabulous cosplays I’ve found online, but I’m on a time-crunch.

I’m still working on my Cesi “Doc” Eirriss costume (I got my orange twill and my coverall pattern, Hopefully I can start cutting SOOOOOON), as well as gathering the materials for my Padme Picnic dress (A sweet soul on the Jedi Council forums sent me a bag of 4 petal off-white sequins… OMG SO AMAZING!) I’m on the hunt for the right crinkle chiffon, ribbon, etc. I’m going to use metal clay to create the brooch with Swarovski crystals, and crochet my own snoods.

I can’t stress networking enough. It is SO IMPORTANT. You might find a piece to a costume that you never knew you could get! WEEEE! I never thought I could get those sequins, and BAM! Now if only I could find the ribbon for the forehead piece…

Oh, and historical re-enacting season is upon us, lets not forget the historically accurate costumes I will be working on during the spring/summer months!!!

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