New Project: Cesi “Doc” Eirriss

So here we are! lets start on the journey that is my next project!

I’ve always wanted to be a Twi’lek from Star Wars. Oola is one of my favorite characters (I have her tattooed to my shoulder in fact) but as much as I love to dance, I’ve never wanted to be mostly naked and covered in paint. Its purely a vanity thing, I don’t dance professionally so I don’t have a dancer’s body, and having body paint all over me to rub off slowly as the day progresses makes me cringe. Nudity doesn’t bother me (I was in the Rocky Horror Picture Show as Trixie for years after all… burlesque is awesome!) its just not how I want to walk around a convention, especially with small children on the floor.

So when I saw Nikki Ordo’s Darth Talon at Emerald City Comic-con:
Nikki Ordo Darth Talon Emerald City Comic Con

I was inspired to actually read through all the bios of the Twi’Lek face characters, and go for it. Keeping the whole “AVOID FULL BODY MAKEUP” in mind, Cesi immediately jumped out at me as a favorite. She can be green (the comics vary but her figure is green) like Oola, and she wears the ever-so-lovely flight suit of the Rogue Squadron! (One of my favorite book series)

Now, not sure how familiar you are with the Rebel Legion and the 501st, but they are groups of people that base membership off of how accurate your costumes are compared to at least 3 approved sources. (Think movies, comics, books, encyclopedia’s, TV, etc.) So, most of the time these guys are great about posting tutorials and pictures! If you want to make a Star Wars costume, a SERIOUS Star Wars costume, these are the types of people you should interact with. Especially if you are thinking of joining one of these groups, you will need to know the criteria they are looking for when you work on a costume. It will save you a lot of headaches later.

What I have decided to do with my costume so far:
1) I’m going to sew a set of orange coveralls from scratch
2) well… actually… I think the first thing is the only definite so far. lol.

After looking through the tutorials on the Rebel Legion website, I’ve ordered about 30 feet of Silver Grey 2″ strapping from (even with shipping its less than a dollar a foot). I also haven’t decided how I’m going to make my lekku yet, it will depend on cost and what looks the best. If its not too much, I might commission them from another friend who makes that sort of thing, but if its over 300 dollars, I will sew a pair. (I want this to look good, but I’m not crazy…) I like to make as much of my stuff myself as I can, but if the rubber/latex lekku look better, I’ll go that route.

So what I need to do then:

1) Find and purchase orange twill fabric for coveralls (I already ordered a pattern, a men’s coverall pattern from Kwik Sew) And then figure out all the modifications I need to do for it, based on the photo references and tutorials.
This site has orange twill:
The price is pretty good, I will probably go that route.

2) Find and purchase off-white nylon for flak vest (I already bought 1/4 inch black irrigation tubing and 14 gauge plastic-coated wire for the ribs on it) and helmet liner over the head

3) Buy hardware for vest, buckle for straps, and Velcro for coveralls/belt/straps, as well as any other items needed to sew everything, such as orange thread, zippers, etc

4) Buy black boots that fit my calves!!!!

5) Help my costuming partner Joey make the chestbox and helmet with vacuum-forming and paint. Plus get any hardware I need for it, like tubing. We have to make the helmet from scratch, so I bought thick blue insulation foam that we can cut, glue into a stack, and then carve into the shape I need. Twi’lek helmets are funny shaped!

6) Figure out Lekku ASAP so that we can get the helmet and liner fitted correctly. This also means finding makeup to match the green color I choose, whether its brighter or a more olive.

7)Need to buy gloves

Seems like a daunting list, but I don’t expect this costume to be finished before Halloween. I want to do this right, and that means it will be a slow process. Some of the scariest bits of this for me is delving into pattern making, because so far I haven’t found a pattern for the helmet liner she wears on her head.

Weeee! Progress photos will be along, I’m sure!

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