Maude and The Dude of Emerald City Comicon, 2014

Maude and The Dude of Emerald City Comicon, 2014

So we did it! Finished our costumes, went to the convention, and had a blast! My hubby is dressed as the Joker, dressed as the Dude. Purple Bathrobe, yellow V-neck undershirt, checked shorts dyed purple, white tights, yellow/purple/green socks. He has a long sleeved white shirt on, green gloves, and a green wig that I trimmed to the Dude’s shoulder-length, and he put green Mehron liquid makeup in his beard, mustache, and eyebrows. We used Clown White oil-based makeup from Mehron for an authentic clown look. I painted the black mask around my eyes with Paradise black from Mehron, after I had powdered and set my oil-based makeup. I used an invisible lipliner and then a matte red lipstick from Wet & Wild. (That way the lipstick wouldn’t bleed into the surrounding white!) He is carrying a bowling bag filled with gag-items like a rubber chicken, a rubber fish, and a bang gun. The carton of milk he has is a joke one that “moos” when you turn it upside down. He painted the rims of his sunglasses purple too. His last, and I think best, touch, a stack of joker cards printed with the literal words “The Joker” on them. In red marker on each he hand-wrote “abides.” If someone recognized his costume he would say “Pick a card” and when the person did, no one failed to laugh or smile.

For my costume, I tried to echo the silhouette of Maude’s dress as much as possible. I acquired a red and black magic bicycle deck and created the look of the squares on her skirt by making an overskirt with them.

I wanted to be able to sit down in my costume without bending the cards, so the card skirt is detachable. I used the left-overs of the bias tape used on the straps of the dress to go around the seam of the waist. I used snaps to keep it in place. There is a row of black chain-mail links sewn to the bias tape, and then each card has holes punched in the corners and more chain-mail links hooking them together. I laid out the cards carefully, so on the skirt the red portion is backing the black, and the black portion is backing the red.

Joker and Harley

I’m wearing a 28 inch long blonde wig, braided into long pigtails with black and red ribbon wrapped in them. The Viking helmet I’m wearing was painted black and red with plastic bonding paint (but the helmet is made of some weird material, so it didn’t bond properly. In the future, I may create my own helmet from scratch, but this worked for what I needed). The horns are detachable so it was easy to paint without touching them. I burned holes into the tip s of the horns with my stencil maker, and then pushed hot glue into the holes to anchor the pom-poms. I added glue and pressed them into the horn until they felt secure. I wore small men’s gladiator costume shoes, painted red and black with vinyl paint. The paint is from Kryolan, and I found it at Autozone. It was wonderful, and after it dried it wasn’t sticky. It didn’t rub off onto my skin during tests or later onto the black tights I wore. The day of I wore black tights with red fishnets over top. In the future I might just sew a red and black pair of tights for myself to continue the half red/half black look. But here, in this picture, you can see my legs:

Sharctank lebowski mashup photo

The bowling ball chest pieces were the vacuum-formed clear plastic I showed in earlier blog posts, painted on the inside with red and black plastic bonding paint. I peeled off the inside layer of protective covering, but I left the outside on until I was completely finished messing with the costume. A belt sander was used to even up the pieces. I used my stencil maker (Its like a sautering iron with a very fine-tipped point, I bought mine from Joann’s for about 18 dollars) to melt tiny holes all along the outside edge, and then I hand-sewed pieces of red and black elastic with ruffly edges along it to give it a finished look. I attached more of the elastic between the two pieces to make a place for snaps to be sewn, so that I could securely attach them to the dress. I also attached two hooks to each piece, one at the side of the bust line and one on the shoulder strap at the top. I might add a second hook at the top, on the other side of the strap, just for a little extra stability. After pulling off the covering plastic WOO did those pieces shine!

I made the chest and cards detachable for the simple reason that I couldn’t ride in a car with them on the dress. A seatbelt wouldn’t have worked properly, and I would have destroyed the cards. I’m VERY glad I made the dress that way! To attend panels and sit down I had my hubby unlink a couple cards in the back so I could sit, so that wasn’t a real problem.

I’m sad, I forgot my trident (pitchfork really, lol), but in the end I’m glad, because the convention was madness! I got bumped into a lot. I’m very glad that I didn’t wear this costume on Saturday. Funny enough, quite a few people misunderstood my costume, but it was mostly the younger con-goers. I doubt they had ever seen the Big Lebowski, but that doesn’t really matter to me. I’m glad we did this! I only wish we could attend Lebowski fest this year, because Jeff Bridges is going to be there!!!!

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