Faun, Emerald City Comic-con, Saturday, 2014

Faun, Emerald City Comic-con, Saturday, 2014

So I was a faun on Saturday of con, and I really loved my makeup! (I didn’t want to take it off!)

I used this youtube video to do my makeup, using Paradise Black from Mehron instead of lipstick for my nose and upper lip (It stayed all day with no touchups needed!):

I also wore Satyr Legs and hoof shoe covers for my lower half to have goat legs. The Ears and horns I’m wearing come from http://www.Badgersden.com, a site that specializes in LARP stuff! The pincurls I put my hair in the day before for the Harley costume I left in overnight, and it made my hair beautifully wavy and curled for the next day.

I wore a steel-boned corset from Daisy Corsets that I purchased from my shop, Lakewood Costumes. It was wonderfully comfortable and flattering! I also wore my pointy teeth from Foothills that I got from the shop as well, because I feel like all the fey have a dark side to them. 😀

I had such a great day.

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