Set-backs and obstacles of my own making…

It is common, dear readers, to be in the middle of a complicated project or costume and become overwhelmed to the point of tears/panic. In the event that this happens (like it is now for me) it is important to be self-aware, and step away from what you are doing, whether it be for 10 minutes, or a couple days.

No matter what brings this feeling on, whether it be illness, tragedy, PTSD, or other parts of your life needing your attention, (feel free to insert your issue here:______) all is not lost.

As the motto of one of my favorite movies states, “NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER!”

4 days before Comic-con. Those four days will determine whether I wear nerd shirts and jeans for three days, or my new costumes, currently half-finished. We shall see.

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