Harley/Maude Mash-up Progress

Harley/Maude Mash-up Progress

I have sewn all I can sew on the dress, unless I attach the playing cards like I want to. Not sure if I can get it to work though. All the square shapes that Maude has on her skirt would be FANTASTIC as playing cards. I have a magic deck that is red-faced, and I could find cards with black backs or use regular white ones. Either way. I considered punching holes in them and then putting jump-rings through the holes and sewing the jump-rings onto a ribbon, which I would then sew to the skirt. Many steps. Lots of work. It would be appreciated, but my husband pointed out one thing. How would I sit without bending them all? Back to square one.

My next steps will be to attach the straps to the dress (Not sure if I want to do that with snaps or permanently. I’m leaning towards permanently just so I don’t pop a snap in the middle of moving about.) and then having hooks for the bowling-ball pieces on the front. Those pieces have to be finished as well, sanded, painted, and then finished with the decorative edging I found. (Ruffly edged elastic! OMG! Its like it was MADE for Harley!)

I also need to rub down my Viking helmet with some sand-paper and paint it red and black. I will be practicing my face painting too, because I don’t want to try to do that full face-paint for the first time on Friday morning at 5am when I’m getting dressed. (I must admit, the thought of this is making me want to cry inside. Or start laughing insanely. Hmm. The latter is more Harley-ish)

The leather shoes will be interesting. I have some red dye a friend gave me. He used it when he changed some black boots into red ones for a Star Wars costume. He painted his boots white first, and then used the red over it. They looked really nice. Of course, they weren’t sandals. I’m worried that the shoes will rub color onto me, whether I use dye or paint. I will give updates on that once I figure it out!

What I did for the dress today: After basting the zipper (not once, but twice, to make sure the fabric folded properly and the lines of the black/red points matched perfectly) I used a zipper foot on my machine and sewed it down, close to the teeth. Then I pinned down the lining on the inside and hand-sewed it down. I used my serger to tidy up any loose seams in the skirt, and I serged the bottom edge too. I don’t know if I’m going to roll the bottom hem, I kinda like the serged edge. (Ask me again on another day when I haven’t spent 12 hours doing this. lol) The top edge of the bodice is embroidered with small diamonds to get the seam to lay flat. I pinned it first and set my machine to a slower speed so that I could have more control.

I didn’t use the shoulder strap of the dress pattern, instead I used muslin laid across my dress-form’s shoulder to get the placement and shape of the strap I needed (I used a marker to sketch it out and then cut it), and then used the “pattern” piece to cut two pieces of 1/4 inch black foam. I laid the satin over the foam, and then used double folded bias-tape (used by quilters) to wrap around the edge of each strap. It gives it a nice thick padded look, without a lot of weight.

The dress fits! I tried it on, but I’m going to wear a corset underneath to give me the rigidity that Maude had in the Big Lebowski. If the bodice had steel boning directly in it I wouldn’t need to do so, but honestly, I’d rather wear a corset than try to put steel boning in a satin dress!

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