We interrupt this cosplay series to bring you DARTH!

We interrupt this cosplay series to bring you DARTH!

Sorry I haven’t put up another installment of “How do I Cosplay???” yet, I had to use all my free time this weekend to sew the body suit of a Darth Vader replica costume with a friend so it could be rush shipped on Monday morning.

We made the three piece body suit in less than 20 hours to complete the look you see here. There are some things I would have liked to tweak if I had the time, but when you are limited, you make stuff work.

What we did:

Three pieces make up Darth Vader’s suit in Empire Strikes Back, he has pants, a shirt with the leather sleeves, and a vest that zips up the back. We used thin black leather for the fronts of the pants, vest, and arms, and quilted it. (There is batting on the inside, and the vest is lined with satin too). The pants have black strips of canvas down the sides, on the inside and outside of the legs. The arms are sewn to a plain black cotton T-shirt. I cut the sleeves off except for a small diamond in the armpit, to give the arms a bit more movement. The vest has a high collar that goes around the neck. If at all possible, edges are hemmed up/finished as much as possible.

This was the first time I’ve sewn with leather, and there are definitely some changes I’d make if this was meant to do anything other than be worn by a dummy, but all in all, I’m happy with how he turned out.

Some tips if you choose to attempt to quilt leather: Decrease the pressure of the foot of your sewing machine. The leather stretched a lot more than the quilt batting we used, so when I attempted to start from the middle and work outwards, it was a disaster. I started quilting the lines in the chest piece from one side, and worked my way over. There was some stretch to the side still, but not nearly as much as trying to sew the longest seam first.

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