Time-Period Themed Parties: 70s edition

Time-Period Themed Parties: 70s edition

Your friend is throwing a 70s party! What to wear? Is it purely disco, funk, or can you dress like your favorite 70s celebrity? Here are some tips!

1. Makeup in the 70s is a pearlescent form of the makeup from the 60s. Lots of color, but a shimmery overtone and lots of pastels. Its all about the eyes, dark liners, big lashes, and a bit of shine!

2. Guys, girls, it doesn’t matter, hair was bigger or longer. Afros were a popular style, as well as the shag look for our guys. Curl hair up to frame your face for the classic Farrah look, or leave long hair in damp braids overnight for a wavy look the next day. Fake mustaches could be an option too guys, if you want that Smokey and the Bandit look.

3. Platform shoes were all over the dance floor. Find a costume pair with goldfish floating in the heel to really get your friend’s attention. If you love to skate and the venue has hard floors, find a pair with four wheels and wheel your way over the dance floor.

4. Pants had higher waists and wider legs, either with a bell-bottom or elephant bell-style pants (often a little short if you are trying to show off those platform shoes we mentioned earlier… safer too, you don’t want to trip on your pants!). You can get pants in this style at many costume shops like mine (we sell white pants at my shop, which were popular and will go with almost any dark colored shirt), OR you can slice a pair of pants up the outside of the leg and sew in brightly colored triangles of fabric. Leisure suits were popular too, get a brightly colored (Or white, think Saturday Night Fever) jacket and pants suit with a wide lapel, with a loud shirt to contrast!.

5. Dresses and skirts were long again, loose fitting, left over from the flower-child look. Women wore long jumpsuits too. Big prints, plaids, stripes, or single colors, there was a lot of variety.

Still not really sure? Its a great idea to find episodes of “That 70s Show” or watch movies from that time for more inspiration. If your friend’s party is just 70s themed, you could go dressed as your favorite Star Wars character (A New Hope – 1977, Empire Strikes Back – 1979), or anything else you can come up with! The important thing is to boogie down baby, and have fun!

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