Time-Period Themed Parties: 20s edition

Time-Period Themed Parties: 20s edition

So you want to have a party, and you want to have a theme. 20’s is super popular right now. Every lady who comes in wants to be a flapper. So what is a flapper?

The 20’s were a unique time in history. For the first time, women had the vote, and thus we had freedoms that were unheard of. Moving pictures were all the rage, Cars were bigger, faster, and yet elegant. Dance clubs were loud and full of jazz music. Corsets were out of vogue, and short hair was the favored style. Makeup was applied like never before!

“Flapper” is a term that refers to an unconventional woman. At the time, it wasn’t always meant to describe someone in a nice way, but today it reminds us of a certain look. So when you come into a shop for flapper-wear, you want to search out some basics:

1. A dress with a lowered waist-line, lowered neckline, lowered back, or no sleeves (or a combination of them, but the low waist-line is the most noticeable and trickiest to find usually). Dresses can have beads, sequins, flowers, or the ever-popular fringe. Dresses can have a little flash, Flappers weren’t known for being subtle.

2. Long, snugly fitting gloves, preferably above the elbow.

3. Feathers and fur were all the rage! Find a boa or a faux fur stole to wrap around you, stick some ostrich plumes in your hair.

4. Thigh-high stockings, rolled down to just above or below the knee

5. Shoes with low heels, preferably comfy enough to dance in all night!

6. Short hair or a bob wig, or, if you don’t like wigs, find a headband that can wrap around your head to help keep an up-do in place.

7. Accessories like a cigarette holder (fake cigarettes are great for that if you don’t actually smoke), a glitzy handbag, and long strands of pearls or costume jewelry.

Have your costume? Now all you need is the right makeup!

Try my favorite makeup artist tutorial for this:

There you go! Find yourself a dashing man in a zoot suit, and you’re ready for your 20’s party! Try watching movies like Chicago or The Great Gatsby for more ideas.

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