Year-round dress up and play

Year-round dress up and play

I ask of a distributor the same questions parents ask me when they come into my store.


This has to be the number one question I receive, hands down. What parent dry-cleans their kid’s clothes? Costumes too, if a child spills juice, crawls through dirt, plays with paints, or any number of things kids do, how do you clean a costume you laid down money for?

Its one thing for a costume from a big temp store that costs you $15 dollars, but what about this fireman’s costume that cost you nearly $50? You don’t want it to be a one-time use, your child doesn’t want it to be a one time use, so why does the costume company?

That’s why we invested money buying from Teetot & Co., Inc. They were up front about designing costumes that could be cleaned by a parent and even showed us how they designed their costumes to be more durable in the first place. This fireman costume might cost about $50 after taxes, but its something your child can wear without playing in a sterilized white room!

2. Is it comfortable?

Textures are SO important for children. Tulle and cheap lace/fabrics might make the costume cost-effective, but if your child won’t wear it for more than 2 minutes, what is the point? Would you wear a costume that scratches and irritates you? Then why would you expect a kid to? With dressing-rooms, a kid can put on the costume and they’ll know INSTANTLY if they like it or not. Soft=good. Scratchy=bad.

3. Is it durable?

You want a costume made of sturdy fabric. Girls OR boys. I was outside as a kid, climbing trees and jumping fences. Your girl may love wearing fairy and princess costumes, but I’m sure she is just as rough on that costume as the boy wearing a pirate one.

Unfortunately that is one of the reasons children’s costumes can be just as expensive as an adults.Look at it this way, if you are buying a sturdy costume that is a little big on them, they will have something to play in YEAR ROUND, not just Halloween. If your kid wants to dress as spiderman to go to the supermarket, who am I to judge? My job is to find the costume in a fabric that is sturdy enough to make that happen. You don’t want a costume that will fray at the seams, fabric that is almost see-through, or foam that will discolor if it gets wet! KIDS ARE MESSY! GIVE US COSTUMES THAT CAN TAKE A HIT! Thank goodness for companies like Teetot & Co., Inc., Aeromax, and a bunch of others who are getting it right!

Nothing makes me happier than a costume that a kid puts on in my store and then doesn’t want to take off. They shouldn’t be so delicate they fall apart after one trick-or-treating session. Give me a costume that a kid can wear over and over again. I’ll admit it, I still play dress up too.

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